Relentless Love International is a Christian based Texas 501c3 organization focused on foster families and inner city youth. Our passion: To help kids rekindle their ability to DREAM, to foster those in need of LOVE, and to provide HOPE to young people who have lost their way. We know they have the ability to do, and be, more. At Relentless Love, we want to help them realize their God-given potential.

How do we reach them?

Relentless Love engages in a series of Love Drives. They include food and clothing assistance, conducting collection drives, and providing as needed support groups. Through these Love Drives, we directly impact the lives of those in need. As with most large cities, Houston’s underprivileged and abused children’s needs are great; and sometimes overwhelming. Relentless Love created various opportunities for you to help impact kids in the foster care system and those lost in Houston’s inner city. With your help, we not only assist with immediate needs, we provide them with support groups available to help them find their own guiding light.